The purpose of this blog

Welcome to the PYP Exhibition Workshop in Melbourne.

We will be using this blog to access readings, share some thoughts and to generate ideas. It would be great if you could share some of your  pre-workshop thinking here.

Think about:

3 Words/thoughts/ideas that you have regarding the Exhibition

2- Questions you have regarding the Exhibition and


(from Project Zero’s Visible  Thinking Routine 3-2-1 Bridge)


5 thoughts on “The purpose of this blog

Add yours

  1. 3 Words/ thoughts
    Celebrating process
    Academic send off
    Student voice and choice

    2 Questions
    The Exhibition occurs in Year Four (9-10 year olds) at my school, what essential features or roles in the format can I adapt to suit younger students? What essential features/ roles must remain unadapted? Can I adapt at will?

    What steps/ processes can I put in place so that The Exhibition as a process is celebrated, not just the finished product?

    1 Analogy
    The Exhibition is like an avocado if you only worry about getting to the core (finished product) you miss all the good stuff!


  2. Hi Nina,

    I’m really looking forward to learning with you.
    I’ve been speaking with other educators who have done the exhibition at Year Four and will be able to share with you at the workshop.

    Great analogy-you’re right, we don’t want to miss out on the good stuff!



  3. Hi everyone

    Looking forward to meeting you at the workshop in a few weeks-

    Here’s my 3-2-1:

    3 thoughts-
    -students demonstrate learner agency
    -teacher’s role is the facilitator, not the one with all the answers
    -the community can be involved in Exhibition in a variety of ways

    2 questions-
    -What assessment strategies do others use?
    -How do you inform the community (parents, other teachers etc) in order to build the culture around Exhibition in schools and how do you challenge assumptions of what Exhibition is
    -(Sorry 1 more! How are students involved from the get-go to ensure they have ownership over the The Exhibition

    1- Analogy: Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you’ve fed him for a lifetime.

    This was a tough one, but I’ve gone with the above quote. It provokes some thinking for me particularly regarding the role of the teacher in the Exhibition and also the purpose of Exhibition e.g. just a big project or students engaging in a powerful process of inquiry. In addition to that, it makes we wonder what is worth learning for students these days? What are they going to value post-Exhibition and what is transferable to other areas of their lives. Do they want the result without thinking about it, or do they want to know how to embark on the journey themselves. Hopefully that makes sense!


    1. Hi Joel,
      Thanks for your response.
      We will certainly be getting into learner agency in our workshop and I look forward to hearing your ideas.
      Great analogy! Yes you make perfect sense, couldn’t agree more.
      Looking really forward to meeting you.


  4. After day 1, I am left feeling extremely excited as I found the first days sessions very informative and hands on. I am excited about heading back to my team and sharing what we have learnt such as the Conceptual Understandings and Purpose Statements.

    As I am a very visual person and unfortunately have OCD haha – this idea of the Bubble Up organiser is such an excellent way of students planning from the bottom up.

    I found the Process vs Product interesting as it sparks quite the debate and something worth discussing with my team.

    “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”.

    Thank you
    Michael Nicolaides


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