How are you travelling? ~ Day 1


Use the Compass Points Thinking Routine to reflect on Day 1.

Look at other participants’ comments and think about which ones you connect with. Comment on their thoughts.


14 thoughts on “How are you travelling? ~ Day 1

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  1. Challenged and excited to consider how Exhibition will provide a framework for students to articulate their learning journey and make their thinking visible.


  2. I am worried about how I will get all the components of the exhibition happening in a timely manner, but I am excited about the possibilities of what the students can accomplish. I think that I need to know more about the ways people have managed and structured their process to produce the exhibition. I think that I will make connections with people who I have met here so that we can continue to share ideas and thoughts beyond this conference.


  3. I found today very interesting and affirming. I have met some really nice people and am looking forward to exploring The Exhibition in further detail. I need to know: more about supporting struggling learners, I am excited to take this information back to my school. I am worried about the time constraints at my school that may impact The Exhibition and a strategy I really liked was the writing of a mission statement, collaboratively, prior to starting The Exhibition.


  4. I am excited about the possibilities for our next Exhibition, moving towards less paper / more about the process & depth of understanding
    I feel like I have gained some more strategies for making it happen
    I am a bit worried about how my team might respond to the things I have gained from today
    I don’t really know what I need to know yet 🙂


  5. N- is there a way to involve specialists teachers authentically?
    S- Use the Simon Sineck circle at the start of Exhibition with students to ensure they have a clear vision and purpose
    E- Using some of the strategies with other teachers to promote their thinking
    W-worried that it might be challenging to change people’s minds


  6. Excited – to have some of my knowledge and ideas validated by discussions today, as well as new learning
    Worried – that our school places too much emphasis on the Exhibition booth itself, the finished product
    Strategy – complete and share Exhibition purpose statement with school community
    Need to know – if / how other schools incorporate specialist subject areas


  7. E – I am excited about the potential for learning that the exhibition brings to these older students. I am excited by the process, the action, the depth of understanding that is possible and where it could go. I am excited to encourage my school to really think about the process (‘expedition’) rather than worrying too much about the product.

    N – I am still wanting to know a bit more about how to plan a timeline for the year for our first exhibition in the school. How much time does it need (minimum number of weeks, for example)? How do schools (leadership) support the Year 5/6 teachers? What does our school really need to think about / prepare for this first year?

    W – I’m worried that our first exhibition might turn out to be the ‘paper, paper, paper’ experience.

    S – I am thinking about how I might apply the ‘bubble up’ concept in our planning for any unit of inquiry, and helping the children to see the process and begin to make their own connections with the 5 essential elements.


  8. Feeling excited about going back to school and using some of the ideas that I have heard today.
    Loved the strategy of the Blob Tree – students showing visually where they are at during the process of inquiry.
    Worried about running out of time for exhibition.
    Would like to know about assessment of exhibition.


  9. Worried- I am concerned that some of the ideas that I am excited to bring back to our school will not be as well received OR that I will not retell it in the same way as it was told to me

    Need to Know: How can I ensure I am supporting all types of learners that maybe struggle communicating with prompts

    Strategy: Simplifying the exhibition to one statement and a model

    Excited: Feeling super excited that as our school do more and more exhibitions, we will continually learn and keep getting better


  10. Need to know: I would like to further my understanding of the different ways to assess throughout the process.
    Excited: I am excited about making a change to the way our Exhibition ‘looks’. I like the idea of creating a captivating statement alongside one prop.
    Strategy: I like the idea of having students facilitate a teach meet to share their passion and skill.
    Worried: I would like to hear about the ways that teachers use mentors. Is it optional?


  11. I am excited about the chance of going through an Exhibition, although I am worried about the rollercoaster journey that everyone talks about. I am really interested in the bubble up approach to thinking time/ genius and how this could look heading into exhibition.


  12. I’m excited about sharing this with my colleagues, especially my teaching partner. I loved the bubble up strategy and I am also looking forward to using that with my class. I think I have a deeper understanding of exhibition now as well.


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